Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Season Preview: Miami Dolphins

2010 Record: 7-9

2010 Rankings:
Total Offense - 21
Passing Offense - 16
Rushing Offense - 21
Scoring Offense - 30
Total Defense - 6
Pass Defense - 8
Rush Defense - 7
Scoring Defense - 14


The offseason was pretty much a buzz about how the Dolphins needed a new quarterback. In the draft it was any one of the top QBs that people thought the Dolphins should take. In free agency it was trading for Kyle Orton from Denver. Neither materialized and once again Chad Henne will be under center for the Fins. Whatever help he had in the backfield in the past is now gone with Ricky Williams gone to Baltimore and Ronnie Brown to Philadelphia. The Dolphins added Reggie Bush in free agency and Daniel Thomas (Kansas State) in the draft to be the new RB tandem.


The addition of Karlos Dansby was huge for Miami's defense last year, and was a key part of the Fins Top 10 defense. The Fins defense was great in almost every category except turnovers last season. They were 29th in the league, generating only 19 turnovers all of last season. 


Honestly, we're not expecting much from the Dolphins this year. We'll be shocked if Reggie Bush makes it past Week 7 without coming down with an injury. There are just too many questions offensively here. The defense can be solid again, but where will the points come from?

If the Dolphins were a Beer, they would be:


Billed as a "relax on the beach" beer, the subliminal message is pretty much "the beer for when you really don't care." The Dolphins are kind of similar in that you have to wonder what they're doing with the players they choose to sign and those they choose to let walk. On top of that, Corona needs a lime added for it to achieve it's true taste potential. In a similar way, the Dolphins really need something else - at this point anything else - added on offense for them to be considered a legitimate offense.

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