Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Season Preview: Indianapolis Colts

2010 Record: 10-6

2010 Rankings:
Total Offense - 4
Passing Offense - 1
Rushing Offense - 29
Scoring Offense - 4
Total Defense - 20
Pass Defense - 13
Rush Defense - 25
Scoring Defense - 23


Peyton Manning has a sore neck. They have no running game. Manning is the difference between this being a Super Bowl contender and a 3-13 team.


For how many draft picks and free agents the Colts have tried to add to their defense, they still can't stop the run. They have two great defensive ends, but this defense is built to play with a lead so Freeney and Mathis can pin their ears back and rush the passer.


Plain and simple, if Manning is healthy, they are Super Bowl contenders. If not, they're screwed.

If the Colts were a Beer, they would be:


Autumn is definitely the best season for beers. There are tons of great brews and everyone seems to have their own take on the traditional Oktoberfest/Marzen-style beer. You really can't go wrong with drinking any Oktoberfest, and when you do, you're always convinced it was a great decision. Oktoberfests are a great line of beers, but as a seasonal, they hit their peak in Autumn, and completely disappear come January and February.

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