Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Season Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars

2010 Record: 8-8

2010 Rankings:
Total Offense - 15
Passing Offense - 27
Rushing Offense - 3
Scoring Offense - 18
Total Defense - 28
Pass Defense - 28
Rush Defense - 22
Scoring Defense - 27


Apparently, the Jaguars front office thinks the best way to reward players for years of competent service to the team is to cut them. See: Leftwich, Byron; Taylor, Fred; Garrard, David; et al. Hopefully Luke McCown throws 20 picks in the first game.


The Jaguars keep drafting guys, but their defense never really improves. No clue what's going on here.


Los Angeles just approved building a new stadium.

If the Jaguars were a Beer, they would be:


This could be a good beer if it was marketed right, but it always shows up as one of the cheapest on the menu, so people tend to shy away from it. It's a mediocre beer, not great, but not terrible.

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