About Us

About Us

How Did the blog start?
The Steelers n'at was started by Ian shortly after finishing his undergraduate studies at the great institute of learning that is Allegheny College.

In college, I used to be known for carrying on hour-long conversations about the Steelers and football in general. After graduation, the blog became a natural way to chronicle my fandom and as an outlet for all the other random interests that I have (from NCAA Basketball Bracketology to WPIAL Football).

What are you doing now?
After Allegheny, Ian went to grad school at Carnegie Mellon University, got married and is now living in the South Hills of Pittsburgh with his wife and two sons.

How long have you been a Steelers fan?
Forever. You won't find bandwagoners or bridge-jumpers here. I grew up in the greater Pittsburgh area. Rumor has it I was wrapped in a Terrible Towel when I was born.

Do you go to any games?
I am lucky enough to go. My family has had season tickets since the 70s. I have been going to games since I was 5. I miss my old section at Three Rivers Stadium (Section 606) and the great group of people that I used to sit with. I still go to all the home games with my dad (who sometimes gets shout-outs in the blog when he makes an astute observation). My family is responsible for turning me into a rabid fan.

Who are your other favorite teams?

College Football
(Formerly Penn State, but I

jumped ship after the fiasco)

College Basketball

Blog Policies
Do it. I like getting comments. Yeah, I'm self-centered like that.

To prevent spam comments, you have to sign in to comment. Since Blogger is run through Google, if you're signed in to Gmail, you're signed into blogger. If you don't have Gmail, let me know how the 1990s is treating you.

Usually, we don't attribute where we get them from. Our use does not interfere with said owner's profit. If you own the rights to a picture that we have used and would like us to take it down, just e-mail us, and we'll take it down ASAP.

We are not affiliated with any news source or the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. The opinions we voice are purely that, our opinions, and do not reflect the opinions of the Steelers organization or the National Football League.

I'm always open to suggestions from readers on how to improve our blog. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

I don't have much in this department. If you have photoshopping skills and want to submit something, please do!

Social Networking
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I sent you an e-mail but you haven't responded:
1) Send it again, I may have lost it
2) I get about 15 spam messages a day, so it's possible I accidentally deleted yours. I might have set a record for how many times I have won the UK Lotto.
3) I might not have checked the blog e-mail in a while, I'm lazy like that sometimes
4) See step #1

I have a blog/web site, how do I get added to your list of blogs?
Send me an e-mail and I'll add you. If I don't, see the "I sent you an e-mail but you haven't responded" section.