Sunday, September 26, 2010

Homestead Charlie: Steelers Win


Coming into the game, the script was set for a 10-6 game. We all knew Tampa's offense wasn't great and they were 2-0 by virtue of beating two teams that went into this week at a combined 0-4. No one expected a performance like this.

The Steelers got off on the wrong foot with Homestead Charlie throwing a pick, but the defense stands strong and holds the Bucs to 3.


The game follows script as teams trade 3-and-outs, but the Steelers win the field position battle as the sunny day provides Superman the extra strength to pound a 62-yarder.

Homestead Charlie takes advantage of the good field position and goes to the air, launching one deep for Mike Wallace who reaches around a defender to pull it in for our first passing touchdown of the season.


Sir Francis Drake isn't quite ready to hang it up though. Under the radar of reason and legitimacy, the Buccaneers drive down the field against the Steelers defense, using their running game. The quarter break happened somewhere in this drive.

Second Quarter

LeGarrette Blount powered for some big gains, but the defense held when it needed to, forcing another field goal.


The Steelers come back leaning on Mendenhall to move the ball down the field. Homestead Charlie gives us all a heart attack as he converts a 3rd down with his feet, charging between defenders for 26 yards. Two plays later, Raise Some cashes in from 3 yards out.


Robert Lewis Stevenson tries to draw something up, but whoever tried to read it fell asleep, resulting in a holding penalty and sack. Mike Williams makes a catch in space but a hit from behind by Farrior knocks the ball out, right into the waiting hands of Ryan Clark, who takes it back across midfield.

Homestead Charlie doesn't waste any time going to work. The first play is a play-action that he slings downfield for Mike Wallace. The pass hits the fingertips of the corner and lands softly in Wallace's hands for the score.


Haters gotta hate.

Laws of the English language tell us that "should have" does not mean "were."

Also, the scoreboard doesn't lie.

The highlight of Tampa's next drive was a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty on Keyaron Fox. 

The Steelers take over with 4:18 to go and get rolling with a 3rd down snag by El Yeah. Homestead Charlie moves us into field goal range with a pass to Wallace with a minute and a half to play. Hines steps up and racks up a bunch of YAC yards, taking a short pass down the sideline into the red zone. Two plays later on 3rd and 3 from the 9, Batch steps away from pressure and finds Hines wide open in the back of the end zone.


Third Quarter

If there were any Tampa fans actually left in the stadium by this point, Willie Gay's 3rd down sack had them all asking the same thing.

Why is the rum gone?

The Steelers start moving the ball again, but get stuffed on a 4th and 1 try from the Tampa 37. It wasn't a bad call to go for it, but it would have been nice to have a blocking back in there rather than just trusting Redman to find a hole.

Nick Eason blows up the next drive with a first down sack that pretty much ensures Tampa won't do anything with the ball.

With the lead and the heat, it was a simple gameplan for the Steelers from here on out. Run right. Run left. Run again. A 34-yarder from Raise Some on a play similar to the one he scored on against Atlanta sets the Steelers up to tack on more points. Batch threw one pass on the drive, a 3rd and 2 (passing down for Arians) pass at the goal line. Incomplete pass brings Reed out.


The Steelers start cycling in their defensive reserves and Tampa starts moving the ball down the field. Ernest Graham makes a big run down the sidelines off a screen pass and 2 missed tackles to put Tampa in the red zone.

Fourth Quarter

Freeman comes out and tries a quick out but overthrows the receiver, who gets a hand on the ball popping it up into the air. Right on cue, Brett Keisel steps in and snags the ball out of the air and rumbles like a freight train down the sideline, picking up a block from LaMarr Woodley, all the way back to the house. 

Jack Sparrow volunteers for the gallows after that play.

Tampa uses the exact same dump-down pass to the running back for the entire next drive, which the Steelers eventually snuff out and force a punt.

The running game is able to move the ball all the way from the 4 to the Tampa 32 before Batch is forced to throw on a 3rd and 4. Not that it matters, but the pass was intercepted.

For the second straight week, the Steelers chase a starting quarterback, with Josh Johnson coming in to replace Freeman. The Steelers use their whole second team defense, and second round pick Jason Worlids rings up his first career sack.

Beyond that, Johnson leads the Bucs down the field, eventually punching it in with LeGarrette Blount on 3rd and goal from the 1.


Victory formation.


Players of the Game
Offensive Game Ball: Charlie Batch
Defensive Game Ball: Brett Keisel

Honorable Mentions:
Rashard Mendenhall
Mike Wallace
Hines Ward
Troy Polamalu
Lawrence Timmons
Jason Worlids
Willie Gay

Mr. Yuck Sticker of the Game

No Bucco Bruce

Honestly, we've got nothing for this one. This was a great game and we really have nothing to complain about. I'm sure the Negative Nancy's out there on ESPN Radio and the Post-Gazette sports section will find plenty to complain about from this game. But from us? The only thing we're sad about was that Tampa didn't wear the creamsicle Bucco Bruce Jerseys.
How awesome are these jerseys though?

Final Thoughts
  • Another great game by Mendenhall pounding the rock. 19 carries for 143 yds and 1 TD.
  • Yards are going to be hard to come by next week against Baltimore, but the Ravens gave up a ton of rushing yards to Peyton Hillis (who?) and the Browns today.
  • Remember when people were/still are mad about the Steelers using a 4th round pick on a punter? Sepulveda had 1 kick of 62 today. Tampa's punter averaged half that (31.0) on his 5 kicks.
  • Homestead Charlie...what can you say? Wow, what a game.
  • Mike Wallace, all he does is make big catches down field. 
  • Good to see the young guys get some reps on defense at the end of the game. Nice to see Worlids get his first sack.
  • Timmons might be our defensive MVP right now. He led the team in tackles for the 3rd straight week, this week with 7, giving him 33 on the season.
  • Willie Gay played a great game today.
  • You'll probably hear people ragging on Ike for dropping that INT. Tell them to suck it. Catching has never been Ike's forte, that's why he's on defense. At least he made a play on the ball unlike their joke WR.
  • Good game by the O-line, Chuck didn't get sacked at all.
  • Defense did a good job getting pressure all day, and it paid off with 4 sacks.
  • 3-0 baby!! No complaints whatsoever about that.

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