Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Preview: Baltimore Ravens

2009 Record: 9-7

2009 Rankings:
Total Offense - 13
Run Offense - 5
Pass Offense - 18
Scoring Offense - 9
Total Defense - 3
Run Defense - 5
Pass Defense - 8
Scoring Defense - 3

Those of you that have been reading us for a whole know that we stick to a Harry Potter theme for Baltimore. Why? Because Ian was watching a Ravens-not the Steelers game and not really paying attention and could have sworn he heard Al Michaels say "Voldemort" instead of "Baltimore." They do kinda sound alike if you're not paying attention. Or Ian is just a joke.

Baltimore's success will once again rest on their patchwork secondary. Ed Reed is out at least 6 weeks with a broken hip from falling down without his LifeAlert necklace on. The rest of Baltimore's secondary are guys who are less well-known than the cast of The Wire. On offense, Joe Flacco finally has some weapons in the passing game, and Ray Rice is a beast in the backfield. Baltimore's O-line gets a lot of credit that they probably don't deserve. Why's that? Just watch their tackles get dominated by Harrison and Woodley again this year.

Ian's Prediction: 10-6

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