Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SIXBURGH: Unveiled

Today the Steelers unveiled the 6th Column in the Great Hall at Heinz Field. For those of you who haven't been inside the Great Hall, there are six of these beasts:

Lombardi was hidden from view to start.

All six columns. Pretty awesome sight.

Close-up of the top of Column 6

The guy in the white Ward jersey on the corner was going nuts. He actually got to take the black veil home with him. Only in Steelers Nation is the black sheet that covered the Super Bowl trophy a coveted possession. No doubt that becomes a family heirloom.

Bob Pomp, getting the crowd rowdy

B-Pomp, interviewing Art Rooney II as Kevin Colbert waits to talk.



No description necessary.

In the middle of the great hall, a display set up with the other 5 on a steel beam.

Another shot of the first 5.

The only place in the world where 6 Lombardi Trophies are displayed together.

And now for some other pictures from the day:
Ever wonder about the history of the Steelers logo?

Now you know.

2008 "locker" in the Walk of Fame in the Great Hall.

Deshea scored against Dallas in this corner of the end zone.

T-minus 48-hours to kickoff.
Get ready.

Once more for posterity:


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