Monday, August 17, 2009

NFC Previews Wrap-up

We finished up our NFC Team Previews yesterday with the Cardinals season preview and we will be moving on to the AFC soon (either tonight or tomorrow). John is finishing up his summer job this week, so he'll be updating his stuff soon. For now, you get Ian's predictions, and get to make fun of him for a while.

By the way, if you're a betting person, don't trust our predictions.

Ian's NFC Predictions

NFC East
NY Giants (10-6)
Philadelphia (9-7)
Washington (9-7)
Dallas (6-10)

NFC North
Green Bay (10-6)
Minnesota (9-7)
Chicago (7-9)
Detroit (2-14)

NFC South
New Orleans (11-5)
Carolina (8-8)
Atlanta (7-9)
Tampa Bay (5-11)

NFC West
Arizona (12-4)
San Francisco (6-10)
Seattle (6-10)
St. Louis (2-14)

1. Arizona
2. New Orleans
3. Green Bay
4. New York Giants
5. Philadelphia
6. Minnesota

Round 1: Philadelphia over NY Giants, Green Bay over Minnesota
Round 2: Philadelphia over Arizona, Green Bay over New Orleans
NFC Championship: Green Bay over Philadelphia

I had Washington and Seattle in my NFC Championship last season, so this doesn't really mean too much. There isn't one team in the NFC that is head and shoulders better than the rest. Arizona looks good, but they have some questions on defense and need to show they can balance their offense. Philly is an injury to McNabb away from a 6-10 year. New Orleans has big questions on defense. The Giants and Minnesota have no passing game. Green Bay has a decent running game and a very good passing game. I can see them going on an Arizona-like run through the NFC playoffs and utilizing the Lambeau cold in the NFC Championship game to carry them to the Super Bowl.

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