Sunday, August 2, 2009



This is our 300th post. The Steelers started training camp today. A few minor bumps and bruises, but nothing major to report.

PSAMP linked to us. He's a solid guy who runs a great blog. Also is the unofficial Pittsburgh Passion blog.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will wear the creamsicle jerseys. AWESOME. CAN'T WAIT. Green Bay might as well just forfeit. Editing fail in the article: "It was a different era that the Buccaneers sailed into in their sunshiny orange jerseys in 1976, one with 14-game seasons...That led to a memorable 0-16 season for the inaugural Buccaneers" Apparently Tampa was so bad, they went 0-16 in a 14 game season.

McClutch hit 3 Home Runs tonight. The Dave Littlefield era is officially over as all of his players have been traded away. To be honest, people are saying we traded away our best players. But our "best players" together were, at best, a 75-win team. There is hope for the future. The question is how long it takes to get here.

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