Monday, August 10, 2009

Games n'at

Hey there everyone. Like you guys, we're very excited for the season to start. We were talking the other day and the question came up: Fantasy Football?

If there's sufficient interest (8-12 people) for Fantasy Football, we're totally cool with running a league. Just let us know, either in the comments, via e-mail or on Twitter.

Also, we have set up an NFL Pick'em League. Anyone can join. It's free. Here's the basic rundown:
-Each week, you pick which teams you think will win each game.
-You assign "confidence points" to games based on which teams you are more confident will win (16 points to the team you are most confident in, 1 point for the team you are least confident in).
-Points are given based on confidence points.
-Each team can "throw out" their two lowest scoring weeks.
-Highest total at the end of the season wins.

League ID: 8305
Password: nfl

After you join, tell your friends. Honestly, we don't care who all joins. There is no limit on how many people are in the league. The more the merrier.

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