Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reigning Blue: New York Giants Season Preview

2011 Record: 9-7
NFC East Champions, Super Bowl Champions

2011 Ranks
Total Offense: 8
Rush Offense: 32
Pass Offense: 5
Scoring Offense: 9
Total Defense: 27
Run Defense: 19
Pass Defense: 29
Scoring Defense: 25


The Giants offense sputtered through much of the middle of the season then hit its stride towards the end of the year with the emergence of Victor Cruz as a #2 option in the passing game. Hakeem Nicks was always a threat at any time, but for a team devoid of a running game and without any real threats from the tight end position, Cruz's emergence was huge. The Giants spent their first round pick on RB David Wilson in the hopes of improving their ground game. Even though they won the Super Bowl, this is not a dominant group by any means. Eli is a solid QB that has a penchant for stepping up at key times and making the plays necessary to win games.


This is where the Giants really made their mark. They have the best front 4 in the league, and can run in any number of pass rushers to the defensive end or tackle positions. They will mix and match and move guys around as needed to get pressure. Jason Pierre-Paul led the team with 16.5 sacks last season and was names as a 1st team All Pro.


The Giants live and die by their front 4. When they get pressure, the defensive backs can jump routes and create turnovers. They aren't an outstanding offensive team but Eli has what it takes to get it done when it counts.


They'll be right in the thick of things once again. 10-6.

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