Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ambulance Chasers: Dallas Cowboys Season Preview

2011 Record: 8-8

2011 Ranks
Total Offense: 11
Rush Offense: 18
Pass Offense: 7
Scoring Offense: 15
Total Defense: 14
Run Defense: 7
Pass Defense: 23
Scoring Defense: 16


The Cowboys have loaded up with explosive play-makers on offense, but none of them can stay healthy for a whole season. Both running backs - Felix Jones and DeMarco Murray - have shown flashes of brilliance when they're on the field. Dez Bryant could be one of the top receivers in the league if he learned how to keep his hands to himself. Miles Austin is a gritty receiver that flies under the radar a bit but puts up some really good numbers...when he plays. And finally, Tony Romo, the LeBron of the NFL. Whether it's in the 4th quarter of games or the 4th quarter of the season, Romo has a penchant for blowing leads away.


The Cowboys have one of the best pass rushers in the game in DeMarcus Ware and traded up to draft LSU CB Mo Claiborne in April. Their secondary was not good last year and Claiborne should be an improvement there. Upper St Clair grad Sean Lee emerged as a dominant force from the inside linebacker spot, both in run and pass defense.


Tony Romo is a choke artist. That's about it. This team entered the last game of the season against the Giants with a chance to win the division and piddled it away.


Nothing brings a smile to my face like watching Dallas struggle. Another season of mediocrity for "America's Team." 7-9.

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