Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week 9 NFL Rundown

Worth Smiling Over
  • Ben Roethlisberger in the no-huddle offense.
  • Tampa's Creamsicle jerseys
  • Kansas City cutting Larry Johnson before he became the team's all-time leading rusher.
  • Bucco Bruce back in action.
  • The Saints defense. They're out-scoring Cleveland's offense this season.

Worth Frowning Over
  • Everything about Chicago's defense.
  • Houston's running game.
  • Green Bay's offensive line.
  • Tampa Bay not wearing the creamsicles again this year.
  • University of Oregon re-instating LaGarrett Blount after he punched a Boise player in the face in the season opener.

Futility Watch
With Tampa Bay's donning of the Creamsicle jerseys, they brought out the awesome power of Bucco Bruce and downed the Green Bay Packers, becoming the final team in the league to win a game this season.
Off the Schnide
The "Bay of Pigs" turned into a disaster for Green Bay as Tampa levied the power of Bucco Bruce to bring home their first win of the year.

AFC Playoff Race

1. Indy 8-0
2. Denver 6-2
3. Cincinnati 6-2
4. New Engalnd 6-2
5. Pittsburgh 6-2
6. San Diego 5-3
Outside looking in: Houston (5-4), Jacksonville (4-4), Baltimore (4-4), NY Jets (4-4)

Greg Lloyd "I Wasn't Hired for My Disposition" Award


This one really needs no explanation. The first female horse to ever win the Breeder's Cup Classic and she came from last to first to beat a whole field of guys. What a performance.

Bob Smizik Award for Incompetence

Jon Gruden

This isn't going to Gruden for his blatant preference for Denver throughout the first three quarters of the game. It's going to Gruden because he pulled a complete 180 at the beginning of the 4th quarter and started getting overly hyperbolic about the Steelers (as he had been doing about the Broncos for the first 3 quarters). Really? It's okay to root for one team and stick with them. As Steelers fans, we're used to the announcers being biased against us the whole game. But to pull a complete 180 mid-broadcast then have the audacity to go as far as to compare the Steelers to Mariano Rivera? That, my friend, gets you the Smizik.

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