Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week 11 Rundown

  1. Cincinnati losing to Oakland. Cope smiles from above.
  2. Thanksgiving break. Another semester of grad school almost done.
  3. Seeing Detroit come from behind to beat Cleveland in the final second, particularly Eric Mangini taking a timeout to allow Matt Stafford to come back in the game and throw the winning TD pass.
  4. Tennessee beating Houston on Monday night to keep us in the 6th playoff spot.
  5. Us calling Denver's collapse. They're not making the playoffs.
  1. Losing to Kansas City
  2. The BCS hiring Ari Fleischer as their PR person. Because if there's anything that screams openness and honesty to the American people, it's someone from George W. Bush's PR department.
  3. Luke Ravenstahl separating from his wife. Right after the election and right before the holidays? Bad timing Lukey.
  4. Thursday night games that aren't on Thanksgiving...totally unnecessary.
  5. Christmas stuff in stores before Thanksgiving. Shouldn't happen.

Greg Lloyd "I Wasn't Hired for My Disposition" Award


Twitter just exploded on Tuesday night with the #ravenstahlrumors hashtag. For those of you not familiar with Twitter, here's how the "hashtag" works. If you would like to start a topic for people to talk about, you put a # in front of it. For instance, in posts about the Steelers, you would say #Steelers, then anyone looking for posts about the Steelers could search by that tag and see all the posts (or "tweets") about it. Last night, the boys over at The Pensblog decided to start the #ravenstahlrumors hashtag with rumors about Mayor Luke.

For the full and still ongoing list of Ravenstahl Rumors, check here.

Here are a few highlights from last night:
  • @mattkoz81 Luke is the reason Mario retired... twice
  • @mfisher1986 Luke also gave up 2 goals in less than 1 minute to the hurricanes in game 7
  • @Pensblog Luke is a staal brother
  • @mfisher1986 Luke thinks the Cool Springs Mini-Golf course is too hard
  • @PaperClippe: Luke is the seventh Horcrux.
  • @ThreeRiversBlog Luke mentored Bonnie and Clyde
  • @n1chol3 Luke enjoys reading Bob Smizik articles
  • @silicasandra Luke and Steely McBeam are the SAME PERSON.
  • @psamp: Luke peed on The Dude's rug

Not to pat our own back, but here were a few of our best:
  • Luke crashed Oceanic flight 815
  • Luke is turning heel. Will bring a steel chair to the next city council meeting.
  • Luke engineered the Montreal Screw Job
  • Luke told Brett Favre not to retire
  • Luke told DeJuan Blair to leave school early
  • Luke goes for it on 4th and 2
  • Luke paid off Neil O'Donnell
  • Luke once bowled a 27 at Dormont Lanes. He hand-recorded it as a 150.
  • Luke puts his Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving
  • Edgar Snyder is handling Luke's divorce case.
  • Luke has a poster of Michael Scott in his office.
  • Luke was the 6th member of NSYNC
  • Luke sank the Titanic
  • Luke played Lord Zed in the original Power Rangers.
As the Pensblog posted last night, we're probably all going to get sued.

YinzPitt had a post with some more highlights this morning.

Mikey and Bob at KissFM also posted about it.

Bob Smizik "Douchebag of the Week" Award

Ron Cook

Now, we've detailed before how Ron Cook might actually be an undercover agent for Detroit or the KGB. However, it takes a Bob Smizik-sized dicktoucher to pull the stunt Cook did this week. After the Steelers abysmal loss to Kansas City, where a plethora of things went wrong including over-pursuit on kick coverage, defenders being out of position, and poor offensive play-calling, who does he decide to throw under the bus?

What? Seriously Ron?

Yeah, you heard me right. Cook throws Heath Miller under the bus for having a ball go off his shoulder pads and happen to get intercepted by Kansas City. Really Ron? You're going to throw the best tight end in Steelers history under the bus for that? What a joke. Cook is probably just jealous because his own balls never dropped.

Honestly, Ron Cook should be run out of town for publishing that kind of garbage in the Post-Gazette. That's the kind of crap I'd expect from the Valley News Dispatch, but not the Post-Gazette.


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