Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Week 8 NFL Recap

The Steelers were on a bye this week, what did you do? Nothing? yeah, same here. Well, that's not true. We're in grad school, we're busy as shit.

  1. The New Orleans Saints Defense. Stat of the Week: The Saints have more defensive TDs (6) than the Browns do offensive TDs (5).
  2. Denver losing. A Steelers win next week moves us into the #2 spot in the conference and in prime position to make a run at getting that post-season Bye.
  3. Houston not choking against Buffalo.
  4. Carolina's running game. See what happens when Delhomme doesn't throw?
  5. Ted Ginn Jr carrying the Miami Dolphins over the Jets.

  1. The Detroit-St. Louis game. Ouch.
  2. Whatever is going on in Washington, D.C...and I don't mean with the Healthcare Bill.
  3. Green Bay's offensive line. Wow are they horrible.
  4. Everything about Oakland.
  5. Kansas City can't even catch a break on their bye week. Larry Johnson is a moron.

Futility Watch
They had a bye this week, so they didn't lose. Josh Freeman is now in at QB. They're wearing the Creamsicles this week against Green Bay, what could possibly go wrong?

Off the Schnide

The Curse of Cope
Tennessee made a donation to charity this week in the hopes that Myron Cope would stop screwing their season. The Great Cope listened. Tennessee won.

AFC Playoff Race
1. 7-0
2. 6-1
3. 5-2
4. 5-2
5. 5-2
6. 5-3

Greg Lloyd "I Wasn't Hired for my Disposition" Award
So this week's award isn't so much "badass" as it is awesome. My lovely fiancee and I, for the last few years, have done pop culture appropriate Halloween costumes. Therefore, this week's award goes to my fiancee for going along with the costume.

Bob Smizik Award for Sheer Incompetence
Last weekend, because of their love for all things #4, FOX decided to have a "Favre Cam" that followed Brett all around the field. On the surface you might think, "oh, that's not such a bad idea, the NHL has "star cams" that follow people around. This is true, but the NHL "star cams" don't watch the star while he's on the bench. FOX wasn't as smart. Fox kept the camera on Favre the entire game, including catching Brett blowing snot rockets on the sidelines.
The reason this garners the Smizik for this week, is that some genius in the film room decided not once, but twice to put tape of Brett giving the bushman's blow on national TV.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we found this gem:

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