Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is the excitement wearing off yet? Not around here

The game recap for the Championship game is >HERE<.

In other good news, we got our first comment since September 8! Additionally, we have had 28 people vote in the poll over there on the right! Exciting stuff is happening around here.

And now a little self-congratulation.

Things I'm good at:
Analyzing Steelers Opponents

Here are a few snippits from my scouting report of the Ravens last week:
  • It wouldn't be a total shock to seem them try to air it out (particulalry on first and second down when the Steelers are looking run)...One reason for the Ravens to air it out is their ailing backfield.
  • The Steelers have had the most success against Baltimore when they have thrown short crossing routes and enabled their recievers to run in space.
  • The Ravens, possibly more than any other team, exposed flaws in the Steelers kick return units...The Ravens are solid in the return department and could give the Steelers problems here.
  • Game Breakdown:
    Baltimore's run game vs. Steelers Defense: Advantage Steelers
    Baltimore's pass game vs. Steelers Defense: Advantage Steelers
    Baltimore's return teams vs. Steelers coverage: Advantage Ravens
    Steelers run game vs. Ravens Defense: Advantage Ravens
    Steelers pass game vs. Ravens Defense: Advantage Steelers
    Steelers return teams vs. Ravens coverage: Advantage Ravens
  • Look for both teams to have limited success running the ball. A few big plays through the air or on defense will likely be the difference in this game. It will be low-scoring and bloody. The team that wins the turnover battle will win this game.

Things I suck at:
Predicting Playoff games

Wild Card Games: Ian 2-2, John 3-1
Divisional Games: Ian 2-2, John 3-1
Championship: Ian 1-1, John: 2-0

Overall: Ian 5-5 (.500), John 8-2 (.800)

John just wiped the floor with me in the playoff prediction department, and I have to give credit where credit is due. I guess the moral here is that if you're a gambler (which I am obviously not), don't come to me for game predictions. You're much better off trusting John.

Finally, we added a Super Bowl countdown at the top of the page. We might tweak the layout a little bit so that there's not so much stuff at the top of the page, so bear with us. If anyone has any suggestions or anything, feel free to e-mail us!

LOST Season 5 tomorrow. We'll be all over it.


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