Friday, January 30, 2009

Call it

The coin toss might be the least significant thing that happens in the game on Sunday. Then again, it could be the most.

If the Steelers win, they have shown throughout the season that they will defer and put their defense on the field first.

The Steelers were in coin tosses this season.

In the past 42 Super Bowls, the coin toss winner has won the Super Bowl 20 times, which is slightly less than half.

In the six Super Bowls the Steelers have appeared in, they are 1-5 in coin tosses, with the only toss win coming in Super Bowl IX against Minnesota. Since then, they are on a 5-game toss losing streak. But not to complain, as the Steelers are 4-1 in those games.

The Steelers, being the designated "away" team for the game, will get the opportunity to call the toss.

The Steelers were 4-0 in tosses in the preseason, 10-6 during the regular season, and 1-1 in the postseason. All these numbers really mean nothing though.

Interesting fact: All 42 coin toss winners in the Super Bowl have elected to recieve. This could be the first year a team elects to defer.

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