Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to the Future: LOST style

If you don't watch LOST, or have never watched LOST, then this probably isn't for you. If you love LOST as much as we do...enjoy the read.

If you haven't seen last night's episodes, you can watch them here for free. >

In a clutch move by ABC, there's a bracket to vote for your favorite LOST moment.


Warning: Spoilers Ahead

First Half (Episode 1)

They come out in a new formation and show us something we haven't seen before on offense. The drive almost runs into disaster when a man goes down, but they counter back with the ol' end-around to Faraday to get on the board early.


After the kickoff, Ben and Jack go to work. Ben lays out the gameplan for how to get the team together to make a move, and Jack makes a clutch play getting rid of his beard.


Flashback to Ben moving the island and what happened to the people still there. Faraday comes up with an answer that the island is moving through time, but they can't convert it into a first down and are forced to punt.

Team Oceanic Six comes back on the field with Kate under center. She is immediately faced with a blitz, but rolls out and does what she does best: runs.

Sun takes over the team, but Widmore's opportunistic defense is strong and almost forces a turnover.

Sayid and Hurley take control of the offense for the Six, and move the ball impressively, including Sayid knocking off two defenders. They look poised to take it in for six, but Sayid goes down just short of the goal line, putting Hurley back on defense.

Back on the island, Sawyer and company reach the hatch and Richard patches up Locke and gives him some instructions for the second half.

Faraday comes up with a solid gameplan and executes it single-handedly after a jump back in time. He contacts Desmond and gives him instructions on what to do next game. Desmond wakes up with Penny and remembers what Faraday told him. Solid execution of the playbook by Daniel before the end of the half to get points on the board.



After watching LOST on DVD, having to watch it with commercials really takes away some of the drama of the show because of the happy-go-lucky nature of the ads.

Second Half (Episode 2)

Hurley comes out with some strong words for Sayid, but then doesn't back them up on the field as he proves to be a team player (for now), trying to get help for Sayid. Hurley, playing some solid defense but showing some holes in the secondary, eventually takes Sayid to his house for protection.

Coach Linus gets in touch with one of his assistants to give them an update on the gameplan.

Back on the island, Bernard and Rose are trying to get a fire going and some little bitch named Neil is complaining about it. Neil gets his due Arzt-style with a flaming arrow through the chest, which arguably prevented a big turnover at a key point in the game, but it does put the Islanders on defense. They retreat under the arial assault as we go back to Hurley.

Mr. Reyes comes through in a big way getting Sayid through the defense of police cars, but Hurley's defense is showing signs of self-destructing.

Sun and Kate have some tense words on the sidelines, but our attention is drawn back to the field before anything develops.

Mr. Reyes gets Sayid to Jack, who radios the coach upstairs to let him know. Jack comes through in the clutch and is able to resusitate Sayid, putting some much needed points on the board to tie it up late.


Right when the Six look like they're about to take the lead, Hurley makes a gamechanging fumble, spilling the beans to his mother. When Ben tries to fall on the ball, Hurley knocks him out of the way then surrenders, giving the opposition an open path to the end zone.


Things look dire for Sawyer and Juliet on the defensive end...they are just getting slaughtered by the aerial attack. When it looks like the opposition is about to build an insurmountable lead with the shotgun, Locke comes through in the clutch with a big sack, forcing a turnover right before the two-minute warning.

Coach Linus, who apparently doesn't have much of a sense of time after losing a year, gets the Warning that the game will be ending soon. Time to bring out the big guns and try to force overtime...unless he's gutsy enough to go for 2 at the end to try and win it.....

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