Saturday, August 27, 2011

2011 Season Preview: New York Giants

2010 Record: 10-6

2010 Rankings:
Total Offense - 5
Passing Offense - 10
Rushing Offense - 6
Scoring Offense - 7
Total Defense - 7
Pass Defense - 10
Rush Defense - 8
Scoring Defense - 17


The Giants offense started strong last year, leading them to a 6-2 record in the first half and putting up 30+ points 4 times. In the second half of the year, the offense was held under 21 points 4 times and the team went 4-4 (1-3 in games scoring 20 or less). Eli Manning is probably one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league and is capable of making throws all over the field. Hakeem Nicks has developed into a deep threat. However, with the loss of Steve Smith to Philadelphia, Mario Manningham will have to step up as the #2 receiver, particularly with TE Kevin Boss heading to Oakland. The Giants did re-sign RB Ahmad Bradshaw and he should be the feature back in their offense with Brandon Jacobs relegated to short-yardage duties.


The Giants defense, while statistically formidable, has a tendency to get lit up. They gave up 27+ points 7 times last year. They were 5th in the league in sacks, thanks mostly to Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora putting up 11.5 each. The Giants defense should field similar personnel as last season with rookie CB Prince Amukamara figuring to see time in a secondary that has been depleted by preseason injuries.


Everyone is picking the Eagles to not only win the NFC East but also the Super Bowl. Somehow, it seems like the Giants are being overlooked, despite being a very good team that missed out on the playoffs only because of a head-to-head loss to the Packers in Week 16. If the Giants can get their holes in the secondary patched, they should be right in the thick of the NFC playoff race once again.

If the Giants were a Beer, they would be:

Brooklyn Lager

This is a very good microbrew that doesn't always get the respect it deserves. On top of that, it's from New York, has a classic look to it, and is a solid all-around beer. It's never a bad decision to go for a classic Brooklyn Lager, which is a shot the "Boston Lager" counterpart (see: Super Bowl XLII).

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