Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Pens!

We realize that, in this week leading up to the draft we could be monitoring every rumor site and reposting everything that we read here. But it's all just speculation. And there's more important things going on in Pittsburgh sports this week. Namely, the Pens laying a smack-down on the Flyers.

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Nothing major has really happened around the NFL that has warranted a post. There have been rumors of a Braylon Edwards to the Giants deal, and Anquan Boldin's name has been tossed around in a few circles, but no real major movement yet. Detroit is supposedly in negotiations with their #1 pick. But we likely won't know that until Friday evening. Also, don't expect many trades to happen between now and draft day. Teams will likely listen to a lot of offers between now and then, but won't really be ready to pull the trigger on them until they are on the clock.

As for what the Steelers will do, it's pretty certain they will focus on one of three areas with their first pick: Offensive Line, Defensive Line, or Cornerback. With Bryant McFadden heading to Pittsburgh West, the need is there for a cornerback, particularly to add depth. However, if a player of Alex Mack's caliber is still available, I think it's hard to pass on him. The Steelers will also be looking at 3-4 defensive ends to replace the aging Aaron Smith and Brett Keisel.

Will the Steelers trade? It's a very good possibility. Since Kevin Colbert has come around the Steelers have traded up to get Troy Polamalu and Santonio Holmes as well as trading down the year they selected Casey Hampton. That's two Pro Bowl players and a Super Bowl MVP that the Steelers have obtained via first round trades. If one thing is certain, it's that the Steelers scouting department can be trusted.

Trust Colbert.

...and Let's Go Pens!


Badmon3333 said...

Ever since the OJ chase interrupted the Penguins' playoff series way back in the day, I sort of inexplicably lost interest in hockey, but my girl has got me back into it. GO PENS. Piss on Scott 'Thugnificent' Hartnell and the Philth. YE FLYER SCUUUM! WE'LL KICK YER ARSE!

Staff said...

I remember the OJ chase cutting into coverage of a Bulls-Suns NBA Finals game (I think it was the Game 3 classic that went to 3 OTs).