Friday, April 17, 2009

Cutting and Signing

In some good news this week, the Steelers signed Charlie Batch to a 1-year contract. This gives us a solid security blanket with a veteran backup behind Ben. This deal was just waiting to get done until Leftwich made up his mind. Batch wasn't even trying out for other teams.

The Steelers announced that they cut Gary Russell yesterday.

I'm not really sure how to feel about this move. I guess, since Mendenhall is going to be healthy, we couldn't keep 5 running backs on the roster. However, I would have much rather have seen them cut Carey Davis than Gary Russell. Russell, or "The Bulldozer" as we liked to call him around here, was a solid short-yardage back who ran strong and with good leverage. The only reason I can see for cutting him as that they needed to open up a roster spot for Charlie Batch. It's sad to see Gary go, he was a good performer in the offense, scored a much-needed touchdown in the Super Bowl, and played well on special teams. However, since Arians and his pass-happy offense don't like to run the ball for some reason (particularly with a blocking back)...well, I won't get started there. Hopefully Gary will be back, or Mendenhall will develop big-time, because we need someone who can pound it out in short yardage.

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Steve Patterson said...

Good for Charlie. Hanging in there when others have retired and moved on. I think he's a solid backup.