Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 9 Recap


After apparently falling off the face of the earth, I'm finally back. Extreme thanks goes out to Ian (again) for keeping the blog running while I've been absent. Now on to this week's recap.

Best Game of the Week: Green Bay at Tennessee - Once again, the Titans found a way to win, this time in OT after Rob Bironas atoned for missing a field goal at the end of regulation.

Most Disappointing Game of the Week: Dallas at N.Y. Giants - This was an easy call as the Cowboys demonstrated for the third consecutive week that they feel a playoff berth should be handed to them. Despite the loss of Romo, there may be more talent remaining on this team than on almost any other two NFC squads combined.

Top Performance: Aaron Rodgers - 22/41, 314 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. In a losing effort, the Packers' QB kept them in it all game long, somewhat figuring out the Titans' vaunted defense on the road.

Playoff Shapers
N.Y. Jets over Buffalo
Miami over Denver
N.Y. Giants over Dallas
Indianapolis over Green Bay

With at least 8 games in the books for every team, it's time to look at what we've learned:

* The Giants are for real, but the NFC East will not get both wild card spots.
- Washington in, Dallas out

* The Lions are 21 points away from being 4-4, while 8-8 will win the NFC North.
- Kyle Orton has always been a favorite for me

* The NFC South is the best division in football. Who do you root for?
- Go Falcons, but the Saints pull it out

* The NFC West is the worst division in football. A win this week gives the Cards a 5 game lead over the 49'ers, arguably their toughest competition.
- Bye-Bye cry baby Holmgren

* Miami is the least disappointing team in the AFC East, but who is the best?
- The Jets should be running away with this division

* The Steelers should finally be considered legit contenders.
- Baltimore's best win was @Miami

* Will the AFC South get a wild-card team? What happened to Jacksonville?
- No, and they were overrated to begin with

* K.C. is only 3 games back in the AFC West.
- Will the real Chargers return following their bye week?

* Either Matthew Stafford (Detroit), Knowshon Moreno (Cincinnati), or Tim Tebow (K.C) will be the #1 pick.
- Tebow shouldn't go this high, but he might.

* Finally, I know it's extremely early, but is anyone else getting pumped for the Week 16 match-up with Tennessee. We're talking possible AFC Championship Game preview, home-field advantage possibly on the line, and this used to be a fierce rivalry. I can't wait.

Thanks again Ian!

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