Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 10 Recap

Week 10 Recap

AFC Rundown
The Colts kept their playoff hopes alive by beating the Steelers. The Ravens pulled even with the Steelers in the North by beating Houston. Houston won't break through until they can execute in the red zone. The Bills are on a 3-game slide, all against division opponents. Miami is back in the hunt. San Diego's defense is terrible. Tennessee showed some passing game against Chicago when their running game got shut down. Jacksonville finally remembered how to score, granted it was against Detroit. Oakland is probably the worst team in the league right now.

NFC Rundown
The Giants are the best team in the league. Every time Philly gets close to making a run, they lose a game. Washington and Dallas really needed their bye weeks. The NFC North is getting exciting (sans Detroit). Minnesota overcame a 3-game deficit to pull into a tie with Chicago for first. Matt Ryan is the real deal in Atlanta, who gets division opponents 3 of the next 5 games. Carolina almost blew it against Oakland, lucky for them the Raiders have no run defense. Arizona will have the division wrapped up before December.

Playoff Picture:
1. Tennessee (9-0)
2. Pittsburgh (6-3)
3. New England (6-3)
4. Denver (5-4)
5. Baltimore (6-3)
6. NY Jets (6-3)
Outside looking in: Miami (5-4), Buffalo (5-4), Indianapolis (5-4), San Diego (4-5)
1. NY Giants (8-1)
2. Carolina (7-2)
3. Arizona (6-3)
4. Chicago (5-4)
5. Washington (6-3)
6. Tampa Bay (6-3)
Outside looking in: Atlanta (6-3), Dallas (5-4), Minnesota (5-4), Philadelphia (5-4)

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