Monday, September 29, 2008

Game Day 8

Damn straight.

With T-minus 4 hours until game time, it's time to be blasting the pump-up music and cracking open the Iron.

The Flash is out tonight, which means Rashard Mendenhall gets the first start of his career. Chris Hoke gets the start for Hampton.

We torched the Ravens secondary last year on Monday Night and James "Some Kind of Monster" Harrison had a game that got him to the Pro Bowl.

Look for big performances from SKOM and Big Stick tonight.

The Ravens are starting a rookie quarterback who is 2-0, but both of those games were played at home.

Baltimore fans are too probably busy ruining other people's lives to notice.

Our man JD ran away once he found out Kelso was a Ravens fan, so he's out for being our inspirational figure for tonight's game.

The Ravens seem to think they have the upper hand in the AFC North. A win tonight means a light at the end of their tunnel. We need someone who can stop them from getting there.

Who better to defend our home turf?

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