Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vote for me!

For the last 3 years, Sean over at Sean's Ramblings does a "Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog" tournament every spring. The format is pretty simple: 32 blogs, seeded 1-8 in four different brackets, and people get to vote for their favorite blog. The Pensblog was the champion of the inaugural tournament and Bucs Dugout took the crown last year.

For the first time since this blog was hatched in 2008, The Steelers n'at has received a bid in the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog tournament. >Bracket<

I'm honored to have just made the tournament this year, but to make things even better, the blog was awarded a #5 seed. The blog drew a tough first round matchup against one of the cornerstones of Penguins blogging, Puck Huffers in the "Jerome Lane" division.

Since you're reading this, I'm going to assume that you at least like my blog a little bit.

So, if I can implore you (and if you're my facebook friend or follow me on Twitter, you'll be seeing a lot of asking over the next few days)....

While you're there, here's a quick list of other blogs we are endorsing in the other first round matchups:

Three Rivers Burgh Blog over Bob Smizik's ego-fest
One For The Other Thumb vs Blitzburgh Blog? Tough call...we're friends with both of them. You pick.
Obviously, vote for us (The Steelers n'at) over Puck Huffers.
WHYGAVS over Igloo Dreams


Mark Alves said...

You got my vote -- good luck. I just saw the poll mentioned by OFTOT.

The Steelers n'at Staff said...

Thanks for the votes everyone! Looks like we're going to beat Puck Huffers. On to a big showdown with Steelers Depot!