Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Bowl Jerseys

When you get a fanbase as rabid as Steeler Nation, especially one that has had the kind of success the Steelers have had, you start to develop superstitions.

Everyone has their superstitions. Whether it's drinking the same kind of beer during the game (my buddies have been drinking Molsen during the playoffs as a tribute to Shaun Suisham), wearing the same jersey over the same sweater over the same shirt, or listening to the same music before/during the game....we've all got them.

My personal traditions?

  • My oldest item of clothing will be my Steelers hat, which I got before Ben's rookie year. We had a 6-10 year, I bought the hat, then we went 15-1. We've won 2 Super Bowls with me wearing that hat and I'm not changing the mojo now.
  • For one, I've been wearing a 75th anniversary tshirt for every game since the '07 season when Mike Tomlin took over as head coach.
  • I've been wearing my Woodley throwback all season. But I also got a Mike Wallace jersey for Christmas.
  • For the '08 playoff run, I wore my Woodley jersey (which I got for Christmas that year...Santa must be a Steelers fan) over top of my Hines Ward jersey.
  • For all of these playoffs, I've been wearing all 3 of my jerseys. I'll be wearing all 3 again on Sunday.

So to find out what some others in Steeler Nation will be wearing for the game on Sunday and how they're rockin' their mojo, I took to the Twitterverse.

Feel free to leave your personal traditions/superstitions/what jersey you're wearing in the comments!


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Caitlin said...

My usual:

-- Gold Lucky's bar T-shirt (the Steelers bar at Ohio University in Athens, OH; I've been wearing it since the '06 playoffs).
-- Polamalu throwback 75th anniversary jersey (wore it all during the '08 season).
-- Black, gold and white plaid knit cap with the Steelers emblem embroidered on the front.

And washing the jersey during the season is a big no-no!