Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Podcast Guest Appearances & Links

Over the last few days, I've had the privilege of being the guest on a few podcasts to talk about the Super Bowl.

The first was on Friday night, where J-Flesh from the "Getting Fresh with Flesh" podcast, based out of the Baltimore-DC area, had myself and one of the dudes from Packers Therapy on to discuss the Super Bowl.

Take a listen to our initial thoughts on the game:

Then, Sunday night, Chris and Dave from Packers Therapy were kind enough to invite myself and Cory from Three Rivers Burgh Blog onto their weekly podcast to talk about the Super Bowl.

Just a forewarning on this one: we recorded it on skype, so I came across sounding a little nasaly and whiny. Or maybe they just edited my voice to sound like that so people might not think I was making legitimate points. Either way, enjoy:

I'm working on a few other things with the Packers Therapy guys, so you'll probably see their names popping up again later in the week.

A few other updates:

Troy Polamalu won Defensive Player of the Year. Yeah, he deserved it. In fact, in my own post from a few months back where I tried to make a case for James Harrison, I said I would probably have voted for Troy over James.

Steelers are on the ground in Dallas. If you're on Twitter, you can follow a bunch of Steelers players.

They've been posting some great stuff so far, including this gem from Ike Taylor:

What a hat/shirt combo on Hines.

Also, some links to pass along.

If you're not checking these blogs daily this week, you need to re-evaluate your life choices:

If you're really strapped for Sports Radio at work and get sick of the guys on 970, check out TribLive Radio. It's a new internet radio station, with Chris Mack at the helm in the morning. If you do nothing else between 9am and noon, check out his show.

Comic Strip about Steeler Nation? Sweet. Fans n'at

One of our long-time readers, The Beat Doctor, from Obscure Music Monthly, is working on a "Fear the Beard" campaign. Check out his blog for full details.

YouTube of the Day:


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