Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hate Week: Part 3

And so it begins. The Ravens smoked the Chiefs to set up another showdown in the Greatest Rivalry In Professional Sports.

Okay, so maybe it's not the greatest rivalry of all time, but in the past decade, it's easily been the best.

But we're not going to get into that right now.

Here's what we are going to get into.

We know we can beat the Ravens. We did it in Baltimore in a game that they dominated for 45 minutes. We came within a minute of beating them earlier this year when Chuck Batch was under center. Man, that seems like an eternity ago.The Ravens have a stout run defense, but we can run the ball when we need to.

Last time we met, Haloti Ngata broke Ben Roethlisberger's nose. Ben didn't miss a play. Flacco in his playoff career has a 3:6 TD-to-INT ratio after throwing 2 TDs today.

The best stat? The Steelers have never lost to a team from Baltimore in the playoffs. 2-0 vs the Ravens and 2-0 vs the Colts.

They're coming to our house. There won't be any surprises in this one. We know what they bring. They know what we bring.

Here come the Death Eaters.

00Ben is ready.

4:30pm on Saturday.

Be ready.

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