Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ian's Final Mock Draft

Everyone is doing mock drafts. But you know what they're not doing? Mock Drafts with trades. We all know trades happen. In keeping with my tradition, my final mock draft includes trades. Who cares if I don't get any of them right, it's more realistic. Sorry for the lack of descriptions on this one. I had to throw it together quickly before heading out to class.

Sam Bradford (QB-Oklahoma)

Ndamukong Suh (DT-Nebraska)

Gerald McCoy (DT-Nebraska)

Russell Okung (OT-Oklahoma State)

Eric Berry (S-Tennessee)

Trent Williams (OT-Oklahoma)

TRADE: Cleveland trades the #7 pick to Green Bay

Brian Bulaga (OT-Iowa)

Bruce Campbell (OT-Maryland)

Jimmy Clausen (QB-Notre Dame)

Derrick Morgan (DE-Georgia Tech)

TRADE: Denver trades the #11 pick to New England

Dez Bryant (WR-Oklahoma State)

TRADE: Miami trades the #12 pick to Philadelphia

Earl Thomas (S-Texas)

Joe Haden (CB-Florida)

CJ Spiller (RB-Clemson)

Rolando McClain (LB-Alabama)

Jason Pierre-Paul (DE-South Florida)

Mike Iupati (G-Idaho)

Maurkice Pouncey (C-Florida)

Sean Weatherspoon (LB-Missouri)

Kyle Wilson (CB-Boise State)

Jermaine Gresham (TE-Oklahoma)

TRADE: New England traded with Denver

Dan Williams (NT-Tennessee)

TRADE: Green Bay traded with Cleveland

Jared Odrick (DE-Penn State)

TRADE: Philadelphia traded with Miami

Brandon Graham (LB-Michigan)

Devin McCourty (CB-Rutgers)

Charles Brown (OT-USC)

Anthony Davis (OT-Rutgers)

Ryan Matthews (RB-Fresno State)

Jerry Hughes (LB-TCU)

Kareem Jackson (CB-Alabama)

Brian Price (DT-UCLA)

TRADE: New Orleans trades the #32 pick to Cleveland

Colt McCoy (QB-Texas)

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