Thursday, April 15, 2010

AFC North Draft Outlook

Our Draft Previews for other teams conclude today with our look around the AFC North. Starting tomorrow, we'll have a series of posts detailing the Steelers draft outlook. Get your mind right, it's one week until draft day.

2009 Record: 10-6
Lost 24-14 to the New York Jets in AFC Wild Card Round

Draft Picks: 21 (1-21), 54 (2-22), 84 (3-20), 96 (3-32), (4-22), (4-33), (5-21), (6-22), (7-21)

The Bungles won the division last year on the strength of their defense. Their offense is dubbed as "dangerous" by the media, mainly based on what Carson Palmer and Ocho did a few years ago. Cincinnati rebounded from a 4-11-1 year to reach the playoffs before falling to the Jets. They took a big hit early in the year when DE Antwan Odom went on the IR. Their defense is strong and physical. For years people have been predicting they will take a tight end in the first round of the draft. Will this be the year? They also have a need at safety, but to take one at 21 would be a reach. Defensive line help would be useful to improve their run defense. To be honest, we hope they take Taylor Mays from USC. We already dislike Mays and having him go to the Bengals would be great. Mays is exceptionally fast, but he has terrible ball skills, can't cover receivers, and can't tackle. The only thing he's really good at is laying out defenseless receivers. He would be a great fit in Cincinnati.

2009 Record: 9-7
Lost 20-3 to Indianapolis in AFC Divisional Round

Draft Picks: 25 (1-25), 57 (1-57), (5-25), (5-26), (6-25)

Baltimore made a lot of splash moves in free agency, including bringing in WR Anquan Boldin from Arizona. They also signed murderer Donte' Stallworth, who should fit right in alongside Ray Lewis. Baltimore's biggest holes are at cornerback, and a guy like Rutgers' Devin McCourty would be a great fit. They also need to add some depth at safety and linebacker, as Ed Reed and Ray Lewis have become increasingly injury-prone in the later stages of their careers. Ray Rice and Haloti Ngata are the only two guys on this team we can even bring ourselves to say anything good about. Ngata is a beast on the D-line, but he can't do it himself - he needs some help in the front three. Adding a tight end to replace the oft-injured Todd Heap-of-shit might also benefit the Ravens.

2009 Record: 5-11

Draft Picks: 7 (1-7), 38 (2-6), 71 (3-7), 85 (3-21), 92 (3-28), (5-3), (5-15), (5-29), (6-8), (6-17)

Cleveland has a boatload of picks in this draft, but you still never know what you're going to get from them. They traded away QBs Derrick Anderson and Brady Quinn this offseason and brought in INT machine Jake Delhomme. If Jake struggled in Carolina when he got pressured, what is he going to do behind Cleveland's line? Josh Cribbs is still the best player on the team by a long shot. Cleveland needs to add weapons and playmakers at pretty much every position. We really like Eric Berry from Tennessee and we really hope he doesn't get picked by the Browns. At this point, it's anyone's guess what the Browns will do. Maybe they trade up to take someone. Maybe they trade down again. Maybe they pick the best available player? Who knows. What they should really draft is someone to control the weather so all of their games are played in -20 degree windchill with 40 mph winds. It also helps when, in that situation, the opposing offensive coordinator calls 42 pass plays and 17 running plays.

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