Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bulaga in town

Every year, each team gets to bring in 30 draft prospects for individual meetings and workouts with the team. For an insider's look at what goes on during these Player Visits, check out this podcast from former Ravens & Browns scout Daniel Jeremiah at Move The Sticks. (Here's a full list of his podcasts -- you can also find them on iTunes under "Move The Sticks"). To try to give you all the most information possible about the prospects the Steelers are bringing in for workouts, we compiled rankings from four different scouting websites: Draft Breakdown,Mocking the Draft, NFL House, and Scar Draft. We highly recommend all of them as a go-to sources for draft information. You can find quick-links to all of our recommended draft sites under the "Draft Resources" tab at the far right of the menu bar at the top of the page. You can also find a log of all the draft prospects the Steelers have brought in under the "NFL Draft Preview" tab.

The Steelers only brought in one prospect for a visit today, so he gets his own special preview post.

Bryan Bulaga (OT-Iowa)
6'5" 314 lbs
Draft Breakdown: #7 overall, #2 OT, Red Star Prospect
Mocking the Draft: #12 overall, #2 OT
NFL House: #7 overall, #2 OT
Scar Draft: #9 overall, #2 OT

Projected Round: First (Top 15)

For those of you who have followed the draft religiously, you have seen Bulaga's name shoot up draft boards from a mid-20s pick to some mockers putting him in the top 5. Coming out of Iowa's system, Bulaga has a lot of experience plowing the road for a strong running game. In our opinion, it's pretty likely that Bulaga will go in the top 10. We highly doubt that he falls to the Steelers. However, it's good to see the coaches doing their due diligence and taking a look at the guy, in case he does slide. Could the Steelers trade up into the Top 10? Not likely, but stranger things have happened. Dude does look good in black and gold...

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