Friday, June 12, 2009

Yes We Can

Everyone knows about Steelers Nation.

Go to any city in America. There is at least one Steelers bar. As a Steelers fan, you are never alone. The long arm of Steelers Nation even prompted this quote:

"When you play Pittsburgh, you don't just play the team. You play the whole city." - Howard Cosell

Tonight, the Penguins take the ice in their biggest game in 17 years.

Though there has been some contention between Steelers fans and Penguins fans (mainly stemming from the fact that the Steelers are the media darling of this city and the Pens are often put on the back-burner), tonight we have the opportunity to make a statement. Not just that we are the City of Champions, not just that we support our team, but that we are one.


We are not Steelers Nation and Penguins Nation. We are Pittsburgh Nation. No matter where you are, I do not doubt that if you are reading this blog, you were living and dying with every pass that Big Ben threw in the last two minutes of the Super Bowl. Names like Patrick Bailey and Darnell Stapleton have a special meaning to you.

So should names like Max Talbot, Tyler Kennedy and Rob Scuderi. If you don't live in Pittsburgh and still cheer for the Steelers, it's likely because you have roots in the Steel City. I know the Penguins had a bad stretch of years and ownership during the middle of this decade. But they are also Pittsburgh's team. And tonight, as ONE NATION, we need to stand and support them.
We all yell at our TVs during Steelers games. Do it tonight. Is there a place where you usually go to watch Steelers games? GO THERE TONIGHT.

The Penguins have the chance to do something incredible. Their story is the story of Pittsburgh. Everyone said they couldn't. Everyone said they were down and out. No one gave them a chance.

They exude that one trait common of all Pittsburghers, either former, current, or future: PERSEVERANCE.

Is there another city in America that is defined by a single word? As Pittsburghers and Pittsburgh fans, this is who we are, what we do, and why we love our city and our teams so much.

After the Steel industry collapsed, no one gave Pittsburgh a chance. Now it has been repeatedly named the Most Livable City in America by numerous publications and is the host of the G-20 Summit.

The Penguins were in 10th place in the conference and 6 points out of a playoff spot in February. They had just fired there head coach. Everyone counted them out.

As Steelers fans, we know full well the pressure of performing in one, sixty-minute game for the championship. The Penguins face that tonight. Stand behind them. Be loud. Always remember:

Image from The Pensblog

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