Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pirates = joke

Today is June 3. There was rain in the Pittsburgh area. The Pirates are 4 games under .500 and 6 games back in the NL Central. The Pirates, who were going for a sweep of the New York Mets and their 4th win in the last 5 games, had their game rained out.

So what did the Pirates do instead of playing?

Traded away their best player and only sure-fire All Star.

To Atlanta.

For three minor leaguers.

Goodbye Nate McLouth.

The Pirates season just got irrelevant faster than Heroes.

Ugh. When the new management took over, they said things were going to be different. If by different, they meant not waiting until after the All-Star game to trade their best players, then yes, things are different.

Of course, top prospect Andrew McCutcheon, who will now be called upon to play center, may hit .350 with a ton of home runs and just steal the show. But let's not kid ourselves here. This is the Pirates.

Might as well sell any Jack Wilson or Freddy Sanchez gear you have now while they're still on the team, they might be worthless by the end of the year month week.


On a more cheerful note, the Pens got on the board last night in their series against Detroit and have a chance to tie it up 2-2 with a win tomorrow night.

The Pens adjusted their game in game 3 to match the pre-lockout clutch-and-grab style that apparently is still allowed in the NHL. Does it suck to have to play this way? Yes. But the fact of the matter is there's no other way to get through Detroit because the officials aren't going to grow a pair and use their whistles.

Update: Found an awesome picture of Coach on The Pensblog.

Coach knows how to dress for a whiteout. Wear the white jersey. Way to go Coach.

Gotta love the cross-sport support Pittsburgh athletes give each other.

Go Pens!

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