Sunday, June 21, 2009

What to Look for During the 2009-2010 Season

Here is a list of a few things you can expect from us beginning (most likely) in early July and continuing throughout the season:

1) 2009-2010 Team-by-Team previews and predictions similar to last year

2) A fantasy football preview prior to your draft, as well as weekly fantasy opinions and tips

3) Award predictions and a summary of the best rookies - in our opinions, of course

4) Ian's wonderful game recaps (assuming he wants to do them), because, let's face it, his summaries are the best in the business

5) A brief synopsis of the prior week's happenings and a quick glance at the coming week's important games.

In the spirit of the "n'at" portion of "The Steelers n'at," we'll also bring you:

6) A review of your Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins' free agency dealings after all is said in done in early August

7) Analysis of any trades the Pittsburgh Pirates make in order to field a "championship caliber organization"

Finally, if either of us has any time, you may see:

8) NCAA Football and Basketball previews and recruiting news

9) A weekly poll or trivia question for yinz to muse over

10) Anything else you might like to see

Also, you soon will be able to follow us on Twitter (thesteelersnat)

We hope you enjoy the upcoming season as much as we will, as we all cheer on our teams in the City of Champions!

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