Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where does T go?

The Cowboys cut TO.

No, the Steelers will not pick him up.

Actually, I'm not really sure who would be willing to pick him up, particularly with the personal issues he has.

I would say that Cincinnati would be a leading candidate, but they just signed Laverneus Coles to a 4-year deal.

Seattle signed Housh, so they're out of the WR market as well.

Oakland is probably the leading condender on the board right now.

Kansas City needs receivers, but Todd Haley was the Offensive Coordinator in Dallas previously and didn't get along well with TO.

Parcells won't take him in Miami.

Tampa is probably a possibility as well as they recently cut Joey Galloway, but they don't have a quarterback.

Normally I'm not too fond of anything anyone from major media outlets (including the 4-letter network) has to say about the NFL, mainly because it's all about big players, flash and show, downgrading of defense and playing up of offense (particularly the passing game).

However, Clark Judge of comes out with an utterly fantastic article, putting Dallas in their place.

In other blog news, the Picture of the Year Tournament will be starting back up again soon now that I am done with midterms. WOO Spring Break!

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