Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Agency: The Latest

The Steelers made a few signings this past week, inking linebackers and special teams studs Andre Frazier and Arnold Harrison to contracts. The Steelers also reached contract agreements with offensive linemen Willie Colon and Trai Essex. While Essex was a disappointment at tackle, he showed some very strong things when he was moved to guard in the preseason last year, and may have a long-term future there. This means that the Steelers will retain their entire starting offensive line from the Super Bowl, as well as their #1 reserve. By all accounts, that is not a bad offseason. I know they gave up some sacks and they can improve, but let's not forget, they did win a Super Bowl.

After Marvel Smith went down in the Jacksonville game last year, the Steelers lost two of their next four, including a poor showing by the O-line against the Giants front four. Then again, what O-line in the league looks good against the Giants front four? But with the game against the Chargers the line hit their stride, and continued with some stellar play in the Bengals game, not allowing a sack to the woeful Bungles. After the loss to the Giants, the Steelers lost one game the rest of the year as the line of Starks-Kemoeatu-Hartwig-Simmons-Colon came into their own as a unit. I like the prospect of having them back next year and am excited to see what they can do.

Apparently, New England thinks it's 2001. They have signed Joey Galloway, Fred Taylor, Leigh Bodden, and Shawn Springs. Typical of New England over the past few years though, they have signed old talent that they are hoping to get one good year out of to make a run for the Super Bowl. This is one of the main reasons why the Patriots have experienced "down" years when their old talent has either backfired on them (as it has done with their linebacking corps) or have all moved on. I'll be very surprised if New England runs the ball more than 10 times per game next season. With Brady back and Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Joey Galloway, and Greg Lewis...the Pats might as well just hire Mike Leach to be their offensive coordinator. Really though, why even put Brady under center? You know he's going to throw. Just run the spread.

By the way, with TO in Buffalo now, is there a stadium in Foxboro or Buffalo big enough to contain the combined egos of TO, Randy Moss, Bill Belicheat, and Joey Galloway?

Ego Bowl I and Ego Bowl II coming this fall.

Seattle traded linebacker Julian Peterson to Detroit for DE Cory Redding. What does this mean?

Detroit will NOT be taking Aaron Curry with the #1 overall pick.

Count on it.

If any mock drafts tell you otherwise, stop reading.

With the trade though, Seattle becomes a prime possibility for Curry to land. That is, unless they get a really good trade offer from someone looking to move up to take Mark Sanchez.

Speaking of which, we'll probably be throwing together a mock draft sometime soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

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