Monday, March 30, 2009

2009 Preseason Opponents

The NFL is in the process of making their schedule, and today they announced the preseason opponents and a few dates.

The Steelers 2009 Preseason schedule will feature:

Aug 13 8pm
Heinz Field

Date/Time TBD (Weekend of Aug 22)
FedEx Field

The egO Train rolls into town
Aug 29 7:30pm
Heinz Field

Date/Time TBD (Sept 3 or 4)

Now, you may be thinking "Why is the preseason important, besides getting reps for guys who won't play all that much?" Well, if you are, you weren't around last preseason (but we're glad you're here now!). You'll be seeing a lot more of this chart in the future, but this is just a reminder.

YearPreseason RecordRegular Season RecordResult
20083-112-4Won Super Bowl
20074-110-6Lost AFC Wild Card
20060-48-8missed playoffs
20053-111-5Won Super Bowl
20042-215-1Lost AFC Championship
20031-36-10missed playoffs
20022-210-5-1Lost AFC Divisional
20013-113-3Lost AFC Championship
20003-29-7missed playoffs
19991-36-10missed playoffs

As you can see, in years when we had a winning or .500 record in the preseason, we have also had a winning record in the regular season (including 2000 where we went 9-7 even though we missed the playoffs). Every year we missed the playoffs, we also had a losing record in the preseason.

It may not matter for other teams, but for the Steelers, the preseason is a pretty good predictor of how the actual regular season will go.

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