Thursday, February 5, 2009

2008 Picture of the Year

Since the title "Best Picture" is reserved for the Academy Awards, we're calling this offseason project "Picture of the Year."

How it works

Each day, we'll post a new set of pictures for you to choose between. We're not sure if it will let you vote more than once per poll, but to be honest, we don't care. The more votes the better.

Polls will run for roughly five days and there will be a new poll each day to replace the one that finishes.

The tournament will start off with game-by-game selections. We'll post five or so pictures from a game, and you can choose between them.

Links to active polls will be in the header.

After we go through the 23 games and 1 "miscellaneous" category, we will have 24 pictures, which will be bracketed into a tournament.

Tournament seeding will be decided at a future date.

The tournament will be head-to-head matchups of the pictures, which will eventually result in one picture being chosen as "Picture of the Year."

In all liklihood, we'll put this picture in the header for the rest of the summer.

Feel free to vote based on whatever criteria you feel like (big play in a game, just a sweet picture, your favorite player).

Since we're not ESPN, the Post-Gazette, the Trib, etc, all of the pictures being used were found somewhere online, so if you are the owner of one of the pictures we are using and would like us to not use it, shoot us an e-mail and we'll take it down.

If you have any questions, comment or e-mail us!



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