Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gameday: Baltimore Ravens

M&T Bank Stadium
Radio: WDVE and other affiliates

What To Watch For

1. Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving. Spend the day with your family. Because the night is all about one thing: The Steelers and the Ravens.

2. Who wants to be 6-6?

The Steelers and the Ravens enter this week tied at 5-6 and in a 6-way tie for the last Wild Card spot. With five weeks left in the season, every game becomes the biggest game of the season. This week's matchup is intensified as heated rivals collide in Baltimore. One team will take control of their destiny. The past does not matter any more, all that matters is this game and the present. Get to 6-6 and seize control of the wild card race.

3. Steelers. Ravens.

Is there anything more you need to hear to get pumped up for this game? Seriously, it doesn't matter who is under the uniforms, what matters is the logo on the helmet.

4. Have A Happy Thanksgiving

Just don't eat too much turkey that you're lethargic and can't focus on the task at hand: beating our hated rivals and securing our spot in the AFC Playoff Race. Who would've thought we would be here after starting 0-4 or after the disgraceful performances against Oakland and New England that landed us at 2-6. But now, we sit right in the thick of the

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