Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gameday 16: Miami Dolphins

And so it all comes down to this. One game. Sixty minutes between us and the playoffs. Even then, if we leave it all out on the field and bring home a victory, the season still might end.

In order for the Steelers to keep playing next week there are three scenarios that need to occur. First and foremost, the Steelers need to win. If they don't beat the Dolphins, there is no tomorrow. If they do, they also need one of the following to occur:
  • New England beats Houston and Cincinnati beats the Jets
  • New England beats Houston and Oakland beats Baltimore
  • The Jets, Ravens, and Denver (vs Kansas City) all lose
Regardless of what happens in Houston, New York, Oakland, and Denver, the Steelers have given us a reason to believe at the end of the year. After the loss to Cleveland, that's really all we could have asked for. Honestly, if we don't make the playoffs, we have no further to look than in the mirror. The Steelers had plenty of opportunities in Oakland, in Baltimore, against Kansas City, and in Cleveland. But they didn't capitalize. It's no use to play the "what if" game and go down that path. However, it's quite obvious that the players didn't play up to their full potential through the second half of the season.

First and foremost, the Steelers can wrap up their 2009 season on a high note. Even if they don't make the playoffs, they will establish momentum going into the offseason that they can build on for next year.

Miami is a bit of an enigma. They either play incredibly well with former Michigan quarterback Chad Henne directing the offense and Ricky Williams running the Wildcat, or they play like total garbage. Their defense has pretty much been the same way. They are ranked 12th in run defense and 23rd in pass defense. Opponents have had no problem getting on the board, averaging 24 points per game. Miami has victories over Jacksonville, New England, and the Jets but lost to Buffalo. Honestly, they're pretty much the definition of a mediocre team.

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