Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2014 World Cup: Predictions

With less than 24 hours until the World Cup kicks off with Brazil and Croatia, we're wrapping up our World Cup previews by throwing out some predictions (that will likely be totally wrong). Huge shout-out to Pat (@The_Incline) for helping out with the Players To Watch segments for each of the previews. If you haven't read any of the World Cup Previews yet, you can find them all here or individually:
Also, this is the last chance before the tournament starts to join my World Cup Bracket Predictor Group! (ESPN account required, but it's free to sign up if you don't have one.)

You already know both mine and Pat's predictions for the order of finish in each group, so you know the 16 teams that we have pegged as advancing to the Round of 16. Here are the eight teams we each have advancing past the first round of the knockout stage.

Ian's Quarterfinalists

Pat's Quarterfinalists

Fourth Place

Ian's PredictionPat's Prediction

Third Place

Ian's PredictionPat's Prediction

Runners Up

Ian's PredictionPat's Prediction


Ian's PredictionPat's Prediction

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