Friday, December 13, 2013

Sunday Night Football Fan of the Week!

It started with an e-mail.

At first I thought it was just one of those random twitter things, but a few minutes later I got a message from the Sunday Night Football (@SNFonNBC) account about their interest in having me as a Fan of the Week.

The Fan of the Week is a new experience that the folks at NBC developed this year to help engage fans from the teams playing on Sunday night. I'm still not really sure of how I got asked to be one of the SNF Fans of the Week for this week's game against the Bengals, but it's incredibly exciting. As a Fan of the Week, I get to attend some exclusive NBC events, like a tailgate and some other things, as well as hang out on the SNF Bus as it makes various stops around the city.

Some of the stops will be open to the public, so you can come hang out with me and the other Fans of the Week and check out the SNF Bus (but really hang out with me). Here's a brief overview of the times and places the Bus will be open to the public:



Your first chance to see the Bus hang out with me this weekend will be Friday evening. The SNF Bus and the Fans of the Week will be making an appearance around the skating rink at PPG Place downtown. Yes, there's a Pens game so parking might be tough to find downtown. But this one comes with the added bonus of watching me be terrible at ice skating.



The SNF Bus, not to be confused with the actual Bus, which is also employed by NBC (more on this in a minute), will be making a brief appearance at the Carnegie Science Center on Saturday morning. If you were already planning a family excursion to the North Side on Saturday morning, stop by and say hi. Also, this is probably the warmest it will be all weekend, and of course, the trains.


The SNF Bus will be going to the Bus' restaurant. Did that make sense? Good. No word yet on if The Bus will actually be there.



The SNF Bus will be parked outside of Heinz Field and open to the public for tours. This is your last chance to hang out with me (and the other Fans of the Week) so you should probably stop by. 

For each game, there are four "Fans of the Week" (two from each team). Follow us on Twitter:
- @thesteelersnat
- @PghGurl
- @WhoDeyAllOver
- @WhoDeyBaby

Finally, as part of the swag the Fans of the Week get, the folks from NBC asked me which player's jersey I would like.
(Hey, look at me, using a reference to an NBC show. Totally unintentional, but it works)

Anyway, since I already own a few jerseys (Hines, Woodley, Wallace, Bettis, Kirkland) I asked my friends over at Behind the Steel Curtain their opinions. BTSC has long been known for their "Jersey Rules Committee" and are more or less the de facto last word on the appropriateness of jersey purchases. They were nice enough to call together an emergency meeting of the Jersey Rules Committee and render a decision for me on which jersey I should request.

I'll be tweeting updates all weekend about all the scheduled (and unscheduled) events and stuff I get to do, so make sure to follow me there. I'll be sure to come back and chronicle it all here on the ol' blog as well. The Steelers might be essentially out of the playoffs, but I can't wait for this weekend.

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